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This Comed commercial utility sample bill is illustrative of a business customer’s ComEd commercial utility bill. The bill displayed is representative and does not show all possible items that could appear on your electric bill. The dates and values shown are for illustration only and differ from those shown on actual bills.

The Commercial Electricity Supply Services: For customers purchasing electricity supply from ComEd on an hourly priced supply rate, The Commercial Comed Rate is known as The Basic Electric Service Hourly Pricing (“Rate BESH”). The Commercial Electricity Supply Services section of your bill includes two additional line items: Capacity Charge and Miscellaneous Procurement Component Charge. These two costs are included in the price of all ComEd fixed-price supply rates and are identified separately for all hourly priced supply rates.

The Capacity Charge: This is ComEd’s commercial electricity cost to procure electric power and energy directly from wholesale markets to reserve enough business electricity to meet demand at all times. The two components that determine the capacity charge are: (1) the Capacity Obligation which is generally based on your account’s peak electricity usage data from last summer and (2) the Monthly Capacity Charge rate which is updated annually based on the cost of capacity in the wholesale market.

The Miscellaneous Procurement Component Charge: This is ComEd’s other costs to procure commercial electricity supply directly from wholesale markets for customers with hourly pricing.


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